Jens Octhar

Iktotchi Mentor


Jens Octhar was a member of the Jedi ExplorCorps during the waning days of the Republic. His task was to lead a small scout group of other ExplorCorp recruits in finding worlds controlled by the Separatists and report enemy troop movements. They also kept records of any artifacts of significants, remote locals that may be of future interest to the Order, and identify new hyperspace routes.

At the time Order 66 was issued there was only one surviving clone trooper left in his group. One of Jens veteran recruits was gunned down without warning, but Jens and the remaining four eliminated the trooper before any more lives could be taken.

Jens is currently working with the Rebel Alliance at the request of an old friend. He has brought in a small group of “student recruits” to help the Rebellion in some scouting and exploration missions.