Moff Jashoo Nat

Imperial Moff


Having been made Moff at an age his fellow Moffs thought to young, Jashoo Nat is a short tempered, stubborn and heartless man who will do anything to prove himself to the other Moffs. But his execution of the Arenova family and the complications it caused on Valis has left a black stain on Jashoo’s reputation.

Jashoo is also a perfectionist when it comes to his physical fitness and martial skill. A dedicated hand to hand combatant, his preferred style of fighting is using his cortosis plated walking stick in a fight (think Jo staff). The stick is specially designed to break into two pieces so Jashoo can change styles mid-combat (can convert the Jo staff into 2 Escrima sticks).

Moff Jashoo Nat

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