Elistazia Arenova

Formal Royal


Home world: Valis
Born: 21 BBY
Occupation: Mystic
Specialization: Adviser/Peacekeeper/Warleader
Morality: Caution/Fear 100, Conflict 0 (+1 Lightside Point, +2 Strain) – Elsa knows she must be cautious. Her power combined with being part of the Rebellion makes her a prime target for the Empire. She has heard whispers of dark clad Imperial agents who specialize in finding people such as her. If they ever caught her, Elsa knows they will not be merciful. A small voice deep inside tells her she should be afraid.

Duty: Political Support – As a noble born, Elistazia was educated in a decent amount of political and economical knowledge. She combines this with her natural charms via political support for the Rebellion, either through appropriation of assets or as an ambassador.
Gender: Female
Height: 5’7"
Build: Slender
Hair: Platinum Blond
Eye Color: Blue
Skin Color: Caucasian
Valis Royalty, Rebel Alliance, Valis Planetary Defense Forces, Rebel Alliance
Notable Features:
Slight limp in her left leg
Ambition (Survival): Elistazia was a once a princess until the Empire overthrew her planet’s government and killed her family. Having discovered her connection with the Force, she moves throughout the galaxy, working with the Rebel Alliance to overthrow the Empire assure not only her own survival, but the survival of her home world, Valis. .

Faith (Family): Elistazia has recently saved her sister, Anora, from the clutches of Jashoo Nat and the Empire. Her home world is liberated, but the galaxy is still under threat from the Emperor and his oppressive military machine. Her destiny changed the day she survived her own execution, and her sister is now the queen. But Elistazia will defend Anora’s rule with her life, taking a new place in Valis’s planetary defense forces.


Charm: 3, Coercion: 1, Deception: 2, Discipline: 3, Knowledge (Lore): 2, Knowledge (Outer Rim): 1, Leadership: 3 Negotiation: 2, Perception: 2, Range (Light): 3, Streetwise: 1, Survival: 2, Pilot (Planetary): 0, Vigilance: 2

Cool: 1, Knowledge (Education): 1

Knowledge (Warfare): 3

Force Rating 2, Kill With Kindness 1, Grit 1, Know Somebody 1, Plausible Deniability 2, Confidence 2, Commanding Presence 1, Nobody’s Fool 1, Toughened 1, Command 2, Sooth Talker (Charm) 2, Contingency Plan 1, Field Command, Second Wind 1, Prime Position, Suppressing Fire, Improved Field Command

Influence Basic, Control (Discipline vs Discipline, spend light/dark pips and roll success to change emotion or make someone believe something that is untrue for 1 round or 5 minutes), Range (spend light/dark pips to increase range to short)

Superior Raiders Arms Nova-1 “Nova Viper” Blaster Pistol (Damage: 8, Crit: 3, Range: Medium, Encumbrance: 2, HP: 2, Special: Accuracy 2, Pierce 2, Stun Setting, Force-Attuned Resonator (Prescient Shot Talent))

Raiders Arms Nova-1 “Nova Viper” Blaster Pistol, Comlink, Datapad, Utility Belt, Heavy Clothing, Stimpack, Holo-locket, Re-Breather, Backpack, Royal Great Coat of Valis, 4 Stimpacks, Backpack, 4 Reloads, 1 Stun Grenade


Spent: 605
Current: 0


Elistazia was born the eldest child of the ruling family on her home world of Valis , a critical agroworld located just off the Corellian Run in the Mid Rim. The Arenova family had been staunch supporters of the Imperial rule, yet kept autonomy over their own world, ruling it with more fairness than most worlds in the Empire. Under their rule, the culture and prosperity of Valis matched that of pre-Clone War Naboo. But even such loyalties to the Empire could not keep the Aranovas safe.

When a rare mineral deposit was found under some of Valis’s prime farmlands, the Moff of the sector, Jashoo Nat, demanded mining rights. But wanting to keep their autonomy, the Aranovas refused. In response, the Moff had the Aranova family charged for treason, citing that the ruling family were helping the Rebel Alliance. The Aranovas were rounded up and held in their own planet’s prison. When Valis’s population started to object to their beloved rulers’ imprisonment, Jashoo had the royal family gathered together and executed by firing squad.

But there were two survivors.

The first was the youngest daughter of the ruling family, Anora. Through an oversight by the guards of the prison, the young woman had been taken to the prison medical ward. The doctor was an a good man and a native of Valis. When the guards came for Anora to finish the execution, the doctor lied and convinced those guards that Anora had died a fatal disease that her body was extremely contagions and had already been sent to be destroyed. In truth Anora was secreted away from the prison into hiding. By the time the lie was discovered and Anora found, a near planetary riot almost broke out at the news of the Arenova family’s execution. To prevent the planet from becoming a potential main source of Rebel recruits, the Empire exonerated Anora and made her the new Queen of Valis. The execution was blamed on zealot guards acting without orders, and those guards were supposedly executed themselves.

The second survivor was Elistazia, the eldest daughter. Elistazia was with the rest of her family before the firing squad, and only managed to survive the ordeal thanks to her mother’s planning. Elisatzia’s mother and father had recieved word of their impending incarceration, and the mother quickly had the servants sew some of the families more expensive jewelry into her and her daughter’s clothes, in case there was a chance to escape the prison and use the jewelry to buy a trip to safety. The jewelry would act as a makeshift armor for Elistazia, stopping the worse of the blaster. This left Elistazia wounded, unconscious, but still alive, and ultimately the only survivor of the firing squad. The firing squad did not even bother to check for pulses as they tossed all the bodies of the dead Arenovas into a speeder truck, to be taken out into the wilderness and burned. Elistazia eventually awoke under the pile of dead bodies, the lifeless eyes of her father staring into hers. Elistazia managed to climb out of the corpses and roll her way off the speeder truck, limping off into the night.

When her family died, Elistazia was just a pampered princess, and she anguishes over that thought. If she had been more powerful with the Force she may have been able to do something to stop the execution. She knows it can be used for good, and from reports generously given to her by the Rebels, it can be used for something terrible. With this power she was able to save Anora. She is still finding ways of applying the Force and strengthen what she can do now.

Elistazia, like most in the Imperial Order, was convinced that the Jedi were a myth. But after learning of her connection to the Force, the young Force user started to study up more on the Jedi. What she has found so far dose not make her so sure the path of the Jedi is for her. In her view, the Jedi were an arrogant order whose own rashness and near sightedness gave rise to Palpatine becoming Emperor. Elistazia would rather forge her own way with the Force, eschewing the use of the infamous lightsabers for knowledge of Force techniques.

The Aranovas had placed their faith in the nobility of the Empire, and were ultimately betrayed. Recently the Rebel Alliance has proven its worth after it helped Elistazia save her sister and home world. Right now the only concession the Alliance desires in return is food stuffs, an acceptable term for the time being.

A few times , while escaping Valis, Elistazia almost ran afoul of some beings who wanted to hurt her. During those times, she called on a strange persuasive talent she had sense she was a child. But instead of making her assailants agreeable to not harming her, they instead became afraid of Elistazia. When that happened, Elistazia would feel a cold, sick feeling wash over her, as if what she was doing to her assailant was worse than what they would have done to her. Yes it was wrong, but it also felt easier. The young force user eventually learned this was due to the Darkside of the Force. While she was confronted, fear had washed over Elistazia, and through the Force she had transferred this fear into others. From what she understands now, those who call on the Darkside too much eventually succumb to it. She can only imagine her future if swallowed by the Darkside, to live an existence of constant maddening fear.
Anora Arenova: The only known (publicly) surviving member of the Arenova family and current Queen of Valis. The Empire allowed her to live in order to calm the planet wide riot caused by the execution of her family. She is now a prisoner in her own palace, where her Imperial “advisors” dictate the Emperor’s will upon Anora’s world. Only 17 and still considered a child, Anora does have enough political grace and cunning to find a compromise that softens the effects of the her “Advisors’” dictations upon the people. But recently Valis was liberated.

Moff Jashoo Nat: Having been made Moff at an age his fellow Moffs thought to young, Jashoo Nat was a short tempered, stubborn and heartless man who will do anything to prove himself to the other Moffs. But his execution of the Arenova family and the complications it caused on Valis had left a black stain on Jashoo’s reputation.

Jashoo was also a perfectionist when it comes to his physical fitness and martial skill. A dedicated hand to hand combatant, his preferred style of fighting was using his cortosis plated walking stick in a fight (think Jo staff). The stick was specially designed to break into two pieces so Jashoo can change styles mid-combat (can convert the Jo staff into 2 Escrima sticks). Recently, Jashoo Nat had declared his intent to wed Anora Arenova, in an attempted to gain complete rule over Valis through marriage. But his plans were destroyed along with the Moff when an Aliiance strike team, including Elistazia, attacked the Royal Palace on Valis and rescued Anora.

•Kalavan Arenova III: Former king of Valis, father of Elistazia and Anora, deceased.

•Kalavan Arenova IV: Middle child and only son of Kalavan Arenova III and Valna Arenova, brother of Elistazia and Anora, deceased.

•Valna Arenova: Former queen of Valis, mother of Elistazia and Anora, deceased.

Elistazia Arenova

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