Twi'lek Sage


Player Name: Amani
Species: Twi’Lek
Career: Consular
Specialization: Sage

Brawn 2
Agility 3
Intellect 3
Cunning 2
Willpower 2
Presence 3
Force Rating 1

Soak: #
Defense M/R: #/#
Wound Threshold: 12
Strain Threshold: 13

Skills: Astrogation (Rank 0)
Charm (rank 2)
Cool (rank 1)
Discipline (rank 0)
Leadership (rank 0)
Negotiation (rank 1)
Perception (rank 1)
Ranged(Light) (rank 1)
Knowledge Education (rank 0)
Knowledge Lore (rank 3)
Desert Dweller
Researcher (Rank 2)
Kill with Kindness
Force: Seek
Abilities: abilities
Scanner Goggles
Emergency Medpack
Field Rations
Extra Reloads
Light Blaster Pistol

Emotional Strength: enthusiasm
Emotional Weakness: recklessness
Morality: 57
Conflict: 0

Total XP: 115
Available XP: 0


Running away was something she was used to by now. Born into a low class family, Amani’Alebtufe had very few choices: slavery or self-exile. Rather than living her life with a collar around her neck, she fled Ryloth as soon as she came of age to be sold with help of her mother. Trying to make a life for herself wasn’t easy. Planet after planet, odd job after odd job, even dancing in a Huttese bar at one point. It was her boss at the bar that sold her, when business began to fail. Despite running from it for nearly 8 years, she ended up with a collar.

Her master, the Dark Jedi Voltus, was an odd man. After several attempts at saying her name, he dropped ‘Alebtufe and just called her Amani. He preferred his books and relics and old dusty things (much like Voltus himself), and assigned Amani to caring for and cataloging artifacts his apprentices and other servants brought back from various destinations. His passion for history showed only when he was in his personal library or archives, pouring over ancient texts. Out of curiosity, and wanting to share in her master’s enthusiasm, she began flipping through some of the texts. The old legends and histories of various cultures were fascinating, and handling the artifacts brought back was now done with awe and glee.

She expected to be punished when he caught her, and the first time, he did. The second time, he asked her for a summary of what she was reading and how it related to the artifact in her hand. When it became clear that Amani was more than a pretty face and an organized archivist, Voltus allowed her free reign to study the archives, seemingly happy to have someone who shared his passion for the past.

It was his passion that got him in trouble. He began collecting data and artifacts of the old Jedi Order, forbidden knowledge. His happiness at studying such relics was unparalleled, and Amani was quickly drawn into it as well. Eventually, however, he was caught. Amani awoke one morning to the sounds of blaster fire. Knowing that their attackers would not stop until her master was dead, she fled. She managed to escape the estate with a pouch full of credits and a blaster pistol she picked up off one of the dead apprentices in the hallway.

She was on the run again. Surviving off of the credits she’d taken, for a few months she had managed to stay out of trouble and out of sight. Or so she thought. Apparently someone had been tailing her, and she had not noticed until her follower had made himself known. Then one day he ran up, grabbed her arm, and told her they needed to leave…NOW. He later introduced himself as Caelen Rivers.