Astrogation Data: Valis system, Vecanti sector, Mid Rim region
Orbital Metrics: 365 days per year / 24 hours per day
Government: Monarchy
Population: 300,000,000 (humans 99%, other 1%)
Language: Basic
Terrain: rural towns, farms, mountains, forests
Major Cities: Valingrad
Areas of Interest: Arenova Royal Palace, The Mines
Major Exports: foodstuffs, raw materials
Major Imports: technology
Trade Routes: Cham Reach
Special Conditions: none
Background: Valis is a productive agroworld whose splendor is said to match that of pre-Clone World Naboo. With a temperature that ranges from cool summers, crisp springs, chilling autumns and hard winter, Valis is known for its various types of “cold growing” crops and hearty livestock who thrive in such weather. The forests are filled with lush evergreens and mountain peeks are high, sharp, and always snow capped. The humans of Valis have adapted over the eons to the cooler environment of their home and rarely had any concerns with the universe at large.

Valingrad, the capitol city and location of the major spaceport, is a unique mixture of old style gothic and high galactic architecture. The streets are wide and clean, trade is strong, and the people prefer pack animals and simple transports over landspeeders, although those do exist on the world. All this gives Valis the look of backwater planet charm without it being to primitive for the tastes of most who visit the world.

Valis had been a peaceful world for many years, and did not object to the rise of the Empire. But as of late the world has seen turmoil. It started when Imperial Geologists visited the world and found a large deposit of a rare mineral called Cryosin under some prime farmlands in Valis northern regions. Cryosin is a mineral that has a unique ability to produce its own cold temperatures (and some reports state quantities of this mineral was used in the construction of the Death Star’s super laser as part of the cooling system). When the Moth of the sector, Jashoo Nat, demanded that the king of Valis, Kalavan Arenova III, give all land rights over the Cryosin deposits to the Empire, the king refused. Valis had enjoyed its own autonomy in the imperial age, and Kalavan did not want to toss his own people off their lands even for the sake of harnessing this rare mineral. Enraged at being refused, Jashoo had all the Arenova family members rounded up and imprisoned in Valis’s own prison complex and charged for treason against the Empire.

This act would spark riots from Valis’s citizens. Jashoo then took the more drastic action of having all the Arenova’s executed, thinking that the death of their beloved rulers would break the people’s spirits and quell the riots. He was wrong. The act had the opposite effect. Riots intensified, and imperial owned holdings found themselves assaulted daily by rioters. When news of the events on Valis reached galactic center, the Emperor himself took direct action. Imperial intelligence had found that one of the Arenova family members, the youngest daughter of the king and queen, had survived the execution and was in hiding. Agents were sent to collect the young woman, and in a move of quick propaganda and damage control, exonerated her of treason, and made her queen of Valis.

That young woman was Anora Arenova. This move and urging from the new queen, Anora, stopped the riots and restored a order. The Cryosin mines were established, but where as Moff Jashoo wanted to take the land away from its farmers and strip mine the area, a more traditional approach was taken that allowed the farmers to keep a large part of their lands.

So for now Valis is at an uneasy peace. In the heavily trafficked areas of Valingrad, murals have been painted in honor of the dead Arenova family members. The faces of each member is an uncannily accurate, right down to the last detail. Any citizen of Valis who look upon these murals cannot help but to shed tears for their lost rulers, but a scant few of them, at least those who look at the face of Elistazia Arenova, the eldest daughter of the king and queen, cant help to wonder if they had not seen her face before, just after the news of the family’s execution. Some even claim that they had seen Elistazia on the road during the chaos of the riots heading in the direction of Valingrad. Some say it may have been her ghosts, other say it may have just been someone who resembled the dead woman. But there are starting to be whispers that perhaps, just perhaps, Elistazia is still alive.

Vergence on Valis

The Ebon Forest:

Stories of the Ebon Forest date back to the first settlers on Valis. Most forests on Valis are dangerous unexplored places of vast cold solitude and vicious beasts such as Razor Wolves.

But the Ebon forest is something truly unique. The trees there grow dark, tall and gnarled. The snow fall with constant regularity, making the forest a primal winter wonderland that is both foreboding and fascinating at the same time. Then there are the tales of two beasts that inhabit this forest. Those bold enough to venture into the forest speak in great detail of these beasts.

The first is known as the White Stag. The White Stag is said to be a magnificent creature, with a pelt so white it glows with its own luminescence and silver horns sprout rom its head. All who gazed upon the stag are overwhelmed with a feeling of peace and calm. No hunter could come to kill it and no scout desired to capture it.

The second beast however, is said to be the opposite of the White Stag. That beast is the Black Boar. Skin as dark as the void, and eyes that glow red, the boar stands twice the height of a normal man, and those who are unfortunate to meet it and live will give testament to the boars razor saw tusks and the waves of malice that cause even the bravest to run in terror.

There are however never tales of the stag and the boar having been seen at the same time.