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Journal of Elistazia Arenova, First Princess of Valis, Part 3

The trip to Phemis was…rewarding…I guess. That is to say if you like lightsabers. The Empire allows little traffic on the world due to the Kyber crystals. Is the concept of the Jedi returning truly so worrying for the Emperor? Well it is to me thinking that more than half of our group now hace sabers. I will make note to persuaide Mundo to tell the rest of our new wanna be Jedi to keep all saber practice off the ship.

Caelen has proven himself indispensable at getting us into places. On Phelar, he forged I.D.s to pass us off as scholars and students and again he managed a document that gave us all permission to survey Phemis for rare minerals. And with Amani putting up some capital (which I will pay some part back eventually) we looked the part of surveyors too.

I wish the trip to our landing area to th nearest source of Kyber shards had been uneventful. But with Mundo and Hald as our guides we managed to bypass the worse of the Probe Droid patrols and a rather large creature that could have crushed the lot of us under its horns. One Probe Droid did manage to spot us but it was dispatched early enough, but none of us can say if it got a message off to the Imperial garrison.

Once we reached the nearest caves with a promising source of crystals, the real challenge began. Crystal web and spider infested chambers, noxious gasses, cave-ins, and water field passages were merely the start of what we had to endure. The strangest part of this trip was after we had cleared one nasty cave full of large, hungry spiders. I can’t explain it, and I am sure Mundo and Brent must have thought us insane, but I think we had some kind of vision. The Force is a strange thing I only started to learn aout, but we each had a vision that was disturbing and troublesome. I am not sure what the others saw, some may have seen crystals, and Hald went mad and started firing at nothing. Me? I felt the walls closing in, the ceilings cracking, like another cave-in was immanent. I felt…fear. Ever sense being buried under my own…family, I loath the thought of being buried alive again under anything.

I actually thought Hald’s mad firing was the cause of the cracks. I tried to grab his gun, make him stop shooting. But he threatened to shoot me! He said the spiders were chasing him or some such nonsense, but there was nothing there! Oh but there were those cracks, and each time his bullets hit the walls the cracks grew! I tried to persuade him, but he would not listen. I tried to order him to stop but he is an arrogant oath! I tried to stop him…then Mundo stopped me. I felt one of his bolas wrap about my leg, and it broke me out of what ever was happening to me. The cracks were gone, never there in the first place.

Caelen and Vas went chasing after Amani, who was chasing after who knows what, causing them all to be cut off from us by another cave in. A real one.

We all finally met up in a large chamber filled with Kyber shards not to soon after.

That place was…magical. That is how I can only describe it. It had an affect on me. I had wanted to collect Kyber shards in order to see if we can use them to boaster our credits if sold on the black market. But I could not bare to take but one. One large sole crystal large enough to fix Val Isa’s holocron.

Then the other took crystals as well. Hald took one. Vas took one. Dinsid took two…surprisingly. Then even more surprisingly as Kharis taking one. Then Caelen. And oddly Amani, although I guess I can put that down to her childlike nature or wanting shiny objects.

Hald and Vas I was sure would want the crystals, but why the rest!? Did they actually want to be Jedi? Dinisid doesn’t match such an ideal, he is to much of a droid buff. Was the saber going to be his own personal high-powered cutting torch? Kharis was a healer…one with a disturbing look about her when she sees an Imperial. What could she use a lightsaber for? Caelen…ok perhaps, but Amani surely not. If Brent and Mundo took one I did not see, it would be nothing to them but a nick-nack.

So…we got what we came for and now we had to leave. That would be easier said then done. We decide to take another route out of the cave . No sooner did we enter another chamber than we were set upon by two squads of Stormtroopers. A cramp fight, bu quickly dispatched with only one casualty being Vas getting knocked unconscious. After the fight Hald decided to scout the next chamber, only to have a cave-in cut him off this time.

So another alternate route, this one an underwater passage we had to swim through. The group minus Amani, Caelen and Vas had to navigate such a passage before we found the crystal chamber, so I was already well damp from my last swim. But Vas and Amani, those two, were putting up such a fuss about having to get wet! Vas had a breath mask on, not like she would drown easly, and Amani…well lets just say I decided to take some advice my father told me once. “My daughter,” he said,” if you cant lead by example, make an example out of those you lead.” So what did I do? I pushed Amani into the water!

There she was dipping her toe into the water, complaining, and I came up behind and pushed. So she was wet now, guess nothing to do but swim. Of course she decided to get her revenge on the other side of the sunken passage, when I tried climbing out she pushed me back in. I expected that as much, so I got the upper hand. I grabbed her leg, and pulled her back into the water. Ha!

Then another crystal web chamber, a fight with spiders. Managed to catch up with Hald who almost lost his life at the hands of one of those spiders, but quick blaster bolts and Kharis braving sharp webs and spiders got him out of that cave alive. Finally at the end we emerged back in open air, time to get back to the ship. Mundo deciding to go on ahead to prep the ship while the rest of shuffled along at a slower pace.

Looks like our bad luck for going solo was still in effect.

We reached the ship, but it was far from prepped to go. In fact Mundo was surrounded by more Stormtroopers, their leader was a trooper with a cyber arm and sword. He saw us coming and seemed to take a vicious look on his face. Called us Jedi he did…think I took offense. So for the second time that day we were in another firefight with Stormtroopers, but not in such close quarters as the caves.

They ordered us to surrender, shooting Mundo for some added persuasion.

They missed! All the Stormtroopers had Mundo on his knees, hands behind his head and they all missed! And they could not tell cause Mundo had the good sense to play dead.

My compliments to Brent. Still he never says much but he is a damn fine shot. He used his range to snipe our enemies while the rest of us flanked in closer. The “Ironarm” trooper let his men fight or him while he toke cover behind a boulder. He used that arm to lob grenades at us from a distance that would make a sports droid envious. I was caught in a blast myself but luckily not a direct hit.

It was a probably the toughest fight we had yet. But as the last trooper fell and the Iron armed leader ran off, we had little time to rejoice. In the distance was heard the sound of ships heading our way. It was time to leave.

We managed to elude other starships and jumped out of the system with no problems.

Once we were safely away, all of us spent a few days to ourselves. I spent one day placing my Kybaer shard into the broken holocron. It was easier than I thought. And the rest of the group, other than Mundo and Brent, spent their times making Lightsaber. I laugh at the thought, those wanna be Jedi in their rooms cursing themselves for days as they try to construct their accursed laser blades while I enjoy my time elsewhere. And it was a time well spent.

Journal of Elistazia Arenova, First Princess of Valis, Part 2

No sooner had we left Koler than Jens contacted us with our next mission. Another one of his contacts was in trouble, and the crew of the Rocinante was elected to be the calvary.

Our ship arrived in the middle of nowhere. The ship, an old freighter named the Silver Star was dead in space with a smaller arrow shaped vessel latched into its side. The Star looked like it had been in a fight, and being in the middle of space I doubt the Star or the arrow ship did not scan or see us coming.

And so we started things with opened communications. I took to the comm and asked the Silver Star if they needed assistance. Who ever came on for the other ship was a gruff character, and not very good at lying. The man said he was part of the arrow ship who had arrived to assist the Star and needed no other help. I asked to speak to the captain of the Star to confirm this. Now the captain, she was a good at spinning a lie. I was almost convinced that the previous speaker was just a concerned passerby if not for said speaker’s failure at persuasion.

In any case we needed to find Jens’s contact who was suppose to be on the Silver Star, so we docked.

Turns out the lying man was part of a gang of mercenary who had assaulted the Star and met him at the airlock. He was holding the freighter’s captain at gun point. A few word were exchanged, with Hald doing most of the crewed banter, but it was clear that if we did not leave, the merc would kill the captain. The standoff was broken by a familiar sound further into the Silver Star’s interior. The sound of a lightsaber snapping on and men screaming. There was a brief firefight (that poor captain was shot but she survived thankfully), with most of the mercenaries, minus two (one killed, one captured), escaped and took off in that arrow ship of theirs.

That is where we met our soon to be new crew member, Vas Roon, a Kel’dor woman who had been the wielder of the lightsaber we had heard just before the fight. She was contact we were looking for and she was delivering a Holocron to Jens. Jens told us that Holocrons were recording devices for teaching new Jedi, but in can interact with the people viewing it, like some kind of combination of a copied personalty of the programmer and a droid like AI that it allows it to answer questions and take input. Each Holocron has a gatekeeper that appears when the device is activated. I am not sure of what the importance of a gatekeeper is but I was soon to find out.

Now as I said before, most of the Rocinante’s crew did not know that we had found more than hilts and parts on the Sanctuary, and it was at that point when Amani told us so.

Seems that impertinent little jinx had found another Holocron on the Sanctuary and decided to only tell us now. I should have laid int her then and there, a real tongue lashing. She claimed she had, in the excitement, only remembered that she had found it or some such nonsense.

But I let it drop when the Holocrons were activated and we met each device’s gatekeeper. I now surmised that a gatekeeper is just the recording of the one who created the Holocron, and in a way was the greeter. Vas’s Holocron once belonged to a Clone War era Jedi named Suljo Warde, but the Holocron was incomplete. It was missing some crystal like component which was last left on an Outer Rim world called Arbooine, or so the Suljo gatekeeper said. Now the Sanctuary’s Holocron had belonged to Val Isa, who we all already knew about while researching the location of the Sanctuary back on Phelar. But that Holocron was broken, also needing some kind of crystal to get it working right again.

It was decided, after meeting with Jens, that finding a crystal for the broken Holocron was imperative. Jens knew of the crystal, called a Kyber crystal, and that the Empire keep them well guarded because of the crystal’s other property, being used to power lightsabers. With Jens help and the assistance of the Holocrons, we learned of a source of Kyber shards on the planet called Phemis.

Before we departed for that world, I did have a chance to “speak” with the crewman from Garai’s ship and the captured mercenary from the Silver Star.

Garai’s crewman was just a poor Phelar University employee and thought that the proctor just wanted to explore the Sanctuary. The crewman also believed the combat droids we had faced were for survey purposes. The man was harmless so we dropped him off at the nearest port.

The captured mercenary was not so talkative. He would not tell us the name of his employer or what he was looking for on the Silver Star, but was more interested on finding his fellow compatriots who had left him behind. It was decide to strip him of his weapons and armor and let him go. I am however sending his description and report of the conversation back to Rebel command, in case they wish to keep an eye out for him. I hope this does not come back to bite us.

Now with the ship a little lighter (we even dropped off Asher with the Alliance, he may be of some use there) we set off for Phemis.

My mind was set on fixing the Holocron and I knew that a few others amongst us desired a lightsaber, but was about to be surprised on how the definition of “few” can mean “everyone”.

Journal of Elistazia Arenova, First Princess of Valis, Part 1

I find myself perplexed at this crew I have agreed to join. No perplex is not the word. The closest I can put it saying it nicely is perturbed. When I first agreed to join the crew of the Rocinante on Jen’s Octhar’s advise, I thought I was joining a splinter cell to further the cause of the Rebellion, but instead I have joined a group of wannabe “Jedi”. No offense to Jens, I know of his past and what he was, but he knows my feelings on allowing that order to rise again, and I shall have no part in it. The Sanctuary should have been enough for the knowledge and the Holocron it held, but now I wished that the Mandalorians had dumped the ship into the heart of that Kolar’s sun.

We had just found the derelict vessel orbiting the red sun of Koler in the deep core. I remained on board to start the reports for Alliance Command. It seems during that time the rest of the group excluding Cay and Ashur Sungazer, the scholar from Phelar, ran into a still active Mandalorian war droid. It is a testament to the warrior race’s engineering that it was working and still quite dangerous after thousands of years alone on the Sanctuary. Just as the crew had patched themselves up after what I heard was quite a fight, another ship entered the system. This ship according to Ashur, belonged to the Eren Garai, the proctor from the University on Phelar.

To prepare for the new ship’s arrival, Cay moved the Rocinante from the forward airlock to the airlock at the rear of the ship were the rest of the crew was located. I think Mundo will never forgive the girl for accidentally scrapping his ship down the side of the Sanctuary, but it caused no serious damage.

The new ship, a Mon Cal freighter by design, attacked the Rocinante with ion cannons before latching onto the side of the Sanctuary and cutting through the hull. I had decide to join the rest of the crew on the Sanctuary at that rime to repel the boarder. On my way to the group, I passed that Twi’lek, Amani, who was returning to the ship, and an exhausted looking Kharis doing the same.

For a proctor, Garai proved himself to be a dangerous man. Through the breach in the crew quarters came four combat droids, with Garai taking cover in the airlock of his own ship. If not for the planning of our engineer Dinsid and a borrowed electro-magnet found in Sanctuary’s science labs, the fight could have been a lot tougher. The magnet damaged the droids enough that it allowed Brent, Caelen, Mundo, and Hald to dispatch them quickly. For my part I used the Force to muddle Garai’s mind and make him rethink his attack. He tried one more push to take the Sanctuary, by shoving one of his ship’s crew members into the fray. The poor crewman was not cut out for a firefight and thankfully whoever on our side shot him was merciful enough to use the stun setting.

With his droids and man down, Garai shut the airlock and detached his ship from the Sanctuary. I thought I heard cannon fire from the Rocinante as our side grabbed the stunned crewman and bolted from the room, quickly bringing down the bulkhead before we were all sucked out into space. We managed to get back to our ship, but Holt and the rest of the group refused to help drag the unconscious crewman back to the Rocinante, leaving me that honor.

I shall remember to bring that particular note up when ever see any of them them trying to woo some poor woman at the next canteen. I believe such an act is what Corillian’s call a “Nerf-Block”.

In the end Garai’s ship escaped (although I have sent a report to Rebel Intelligance about the proctor , sees like someone to look into considering),the Sanctuary was left behind, and all we thought we had found from the ancient ship was lightsaber hilts, starship components and old Mandalorian armor pieces that can be sold, recycled, or re-forged.

Dinsid argued all the time we were leaving about how we didn’t get any of those battle droid parts for him, or take the downed Mandalorian war droid with us. I fear the Duro may be one of those droid-philes.

But we were about to find we were wrong. Someone else had found something and decided to keep it a secret.

Kharis absence

Kharis was a fatigued from her encounter on a derelict Mandalarian warship. She had done her job well and had kept the group alive and well. After finding a very angry Mandalorian battle droid we would find out later it was guarding its master body, so it was mad to start with it took a considerable amount of firepower too drop.During the Fight Kharis played field medic running from one side of the cargo bay to the other to heal, thankfully the droid was interested in those doing damage and was spared be ripped to pieces. After the fight she gather a mixture of medical and other supplies before face planting into one the ships beds and sleeping for quite along time.

The Adventure Begins
Lessons from the Past, Part 1

The session began with the crew of the Rocinante: Mundo Havilar, Cay Sarel, Tra’vok, Dinsid Soks, Brent Everbright, Hald, Elistazia Arenova, and Kharis being assembled. Their mentor Jens Octhar introduced to two new recruits Caelen Rivers and Amani.

The group was tasked with traveling to Phelar University on the planet Eriadu to meet with one of Jens old contacts and friends Ashur Sungazer.

Ashur was very excited about a discovery in the Phelar University Archives. A box containing several very old artifacts. The group traveled to Eriadu after obtaining false credentials showing they were scholars and research assistants. After arriving on planet and scouting the University for several minutes they prevented one of the University Professors from being roughed up by the campus security.

At the Archive they were stopped by Eren Garai, the University Proctor and given an quick tutorial on the Archives rules and methods.

Upon meeting Ashur they discovered the reason for his excitement. The box contained four artifacts as well as several data files. The first item was an ancient Mandalorian Helmet that they determined had been cloven in half with a lightsaber. The second item was an old transponder for a ship called the Astral Jester. Further investigation turned up that the previous captain had disappeared some time ago after logging several hyperspace routes through the deep core. The third item was an ancient droid control core, which turned out to have come from a Basilisk war droid. These huge droids were used by the Mandalorians during the Mandalorian wars over one thousand years ago. The fourth item was the Ilum Talisman. A simple piece of jewelry worn by and ancient Jedi Master who fought in the Mandalorian Wars. The datafiles were various reports about the artifacts detailing how they were confiscated from a Smuggler and brought to the Phelar Archives for study.

Researching the items in the box as well as the name Val Isa led the group to a repeating reference to a system named Koler, rumored to be a red super-giant somewhere in the deep core. Amani tried on the talisman and received a Force vision of Val Isa’s last stand.

The group decided to remove the talisman, transponder, and the droid core from the archive. They split into three groups.

Group one: Mundo and Cay headed to the ship immediately and began prepping for take off.

Group two: Amani, Caelen, and Tra’vok smuggled the talisman out of the building. They also escorted professor Sungazer out off the Archive and towards his office and apartment to gather traveling supplies.

Group three: Brent, Soks, Elistazia, Hald, and Kharis attempted to smuggle out the transponder and the droid core.

The third group was almost clear when Archive security noticed something large in one of the groups backpacks. They bluffed their way out of the building, but were unaware that their activities had drawn the attention of someone higher up that the lowly security guards.

Mundo and Cay were in the process of preparing for takeoff when several squads of stormtroopers arrived at the spaceport. As the second group arrived they noticed that the troopers were locking down the docking berths. The second group boarded hastily and the Rocinante took off. They were able to pick up group three near the cities outskirts.

Following the research they had done lead them to the Koler system where they found the wreck of the Sanctuary.

This ancient Hammerhead cruiser, like the ones used by the Republic during the Mandalorian Wars, was used by Val Isa as a mobile training facility.

After maneuvering through an asteroid field and the debris field of other crashed starships the crew docked with the Sanctuary and began exploring it. Cay and Elistazia remained on the Rocinante with Ashur while the others entered the ship to explore. They found some old datapads in the crew quarters. Kharis and Brent went to see if the medbay was serviceable while the others ventured further into the ship.

Mundo, Hald, and Soks stopped to explore a repairbay and storage area while Tra’vok, Amani, and Caelen followed the corridors to the training room on the ship.

As the three in the training room worked to open an ancient stone safe, the three in the repairbay were ambushed by a Damaged Basilik war droid that was left from the final assault on the ship. Kharis and Brent arrived in the repairbay shortly after seeing the medbay had been vented into space after a hull breach and hearing the sounds of combat and the call of their friends over the comlink for reinforcements.

The battle was intense and several of the crew were severely wounded before the Basilik was defeated. Once things calmed down Kharis was able to administer medical attention to the wounded and the search of the ship was begun anew.

The three in the training room were able to open the stone safe and retrieve a holocron left within.

As the search party began to reunite to perform a safer search of the ship Cay called them over the comlink to explain that another ship had just entered the system…

Useful Links

Below are some useful links that I have found.

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