Val Isa's Holocron

Jedi Holocron

  • Each PC may count Discipline and Medicine as career skills as long as the group possess the holocron.
  • When making a Knowledge (Lore) check to learn about the Jedi, the PCs may use the holocron to make an assisted check. The holocron counts as having three ranks in Knowledge (Lore). Some infomation may be outdated.
  • This holocron has the coordinates for Phemis as well as some basic knowledge of the planet such as terrain. However, it does not know about any Imperial presence.

The holocron of the Sanctuary contains a mnemonic imprint of Val Isa’s personality, recoreded before he death. Her personality manifests itself as a serene older human woman with a hint of impish humor about her. Of course while very lifelike, the holocron’s personality is not truely sentient, though it may be hard to tell this at times.

The holocron of the Sanctuary contains a great deal of basic Jedi instruction. However, its knowledge is several thousand years old (so it knows nothing of current events).

Val Isa's Holocron

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