Ilum Talisman

A small stone chip suspended on a simple thread


This roughly teardrop-shaped stone chip is about two-and-a-half centimeters long, with distinct but unrecognizable carvings on one side. It radiates power to any Force-sensitive nearby. Tiny veins of crystals, seen only when held up to the light, give the stone an almost organic, living quality. A hole has been carved into the top and a thread woven through it so the talisman can be worn around the neck.

The Ilum Talisman can do more that guide Force users to the wreck of the Sanctuary. It can also help a Force user calm themselves and use their abilities. This talisman has no price associated with it; Force users may find it priceless, but most people see it as a curio. However, when a Force-sensitive character wears it, once per session they may add one light or dark side force point to any one check.


The Jedi Master known as Val Isa wore the "Ilum Talisman’ roughly one thousand years ago during the Mandalorian Wars. This was unusual for Jedi, since they eschewed jewerly. The carvings are actually an ancient proto-Republic dialect, spelling out “Val Isa, Jedi Master.”

Other information:

  • The talisman is also called “the weight of our history.”
  • The stone actually originated from Ilum.
  • There are rumors that Val Isa guarded a “traveling sky temple.”

Ilum Talisman

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