Padawan Survivor


Player Name: Ryan
Species: Drall
Career: Guardian
Specialization: Soresu Defender/Armorer

Brawn 1
Agility 1
Intellect 4
Cunning 2
Willpower 3
Presence 2
Force Rating 1

Soak: 2
Defense M/R: 0/0
Wound Threshold: 13
Strain Threshold: 17

Skills: Discipline 1, Resilience 1, Vigilance 2, Lightsaber 2, Education 1.
Talents: Parry 1, Soresu Technique, Toughened 2, Grit 2, Gearhead 1.
Abilities: Skilled Assistance.
Force Powers: Sense (No upgrades)
Equipment: 2 Training Lightsaber Shotos, Concealing Robes, Utility Belt, 4 Stimpacks, Spacesuit, Rebreather, False Identification papers.

Type: Relationship: Mentor/Student
Description: Though his time with the Jedi only totaled a few years, he attempts to assume the role of mentor with any Force Sensitives he can in order to help them bring back the Jedi Order.

Type: Oath
Magnitude: 20
Description: He has vowed to bring about the rebirth of The Jedi Knights.

Emotional Strength: Discipline
Emotional Weakness: Obstinance
Morality: 56
Conflict: 1

Total XP: 110
Available XP: 0


Tra’vok was born on Drall in the Corellian sector. Due to the Hyperspace engines that were designed in this sector a lot of interest was displayed in gaining and maintaining the sector’s allegiance during The Clone Wars. When Corellia established it’s allegiance to the Republic, The CIS began efforts to take the planets by force.

A Jedi Knight, Nem Bees, was assigned to lead a clone trooper deployment to protect a capitol city on Drall. During his deployment on the planet, he was assigned a young male drall as a servant and guide. In their time together, Nem and the young Tra’vok would carry on in depth conversations. The Jedi surprisingly treated his ward as an equal. The Separatist forces led an assassination attempt on the life of the local Drall Duchess that Jedi Bees was able to thwart. As a sign of her appreciation she offered the Jedi his choice of rewards. Bees chose his aide, Tra’vok.

Nem took his new student to Bogden 3, where Tra’vok was told that he would be trained in the ways of The Force. While Nem returned to the front lines, Travok’s training was overseen by Master Du Mahn. and after a few years graduated into an apprenticeship with, the Devaronian Jedi Master, Sian Jeisel. While other padawans, at Bogden Academy, excelled at more physical tasks, Travok was taught that just as many issues can be resolved using one’s intellect. He was able to translate this into a quick understanding and affinity for Soresu technique. Sian often spoke of his great potential as a Jedi Knight and had the Supreme Chancellor not ordered the Jedi Order be wiped out he might have been ready for The Trials within another two or three cycles.

When “Order 66” and the Jedi Purge began, The New Order led assaults on every known Jedi temple and training academy in the galaxy. Bogden 3 was no exception. A deployment of clone troopers arrived at the academy along with Jedi Master K’kruhk just before the attacks occurred. When the attacks unexpectedly began the instructors and the Jedi Master rushed to defend the padawans and younglings from almost certain death. While the whiphid Jedi escorted the students along an emergency escape route, the remaining Jedi did everything necessary to buy them time to escape. Knowing that she and her allies would soon be overrun, Jeisel activated a thermal detonator that one clone was holding. The resulting explosion killed her, all the troopers, and gutted the entire structure. Tra’vok’s Master made one last valiant stand against the troopers to ensure that the future of the order might live on.

After their harrowing escape, K’kruhk reluctantly took up the role of teacher after their shuttle crash landed on an unknown forest moon. He knew that the younglings were safe on a planet full of resources, and with intercepted transmissions to inform him of recent events, K’Kruhk felt it better to embrace what they had rather than regret an unchangeable past. The Jedi’s peaceful life on the moon was short lived, however. After some time a pirate vessel, Uhumele, crash landed on the moon. K’Kruhk saw the ship fall and raced back to the younglings, but he was too late. Lumbra, the pirate leader, had salvaged the Jedi’s ship and had discovered the younglings identities as Jedi. Piru, one of the surviving instructors who escape from Bogden, had been shot and left for dead while the younglings had been taken away as prisoners, and learned that the rumors of the bounties on Jedi were true. The Master healed his ally and the two split up, in order to recover the younglings.

Finding the pirate’s camp, K’Kruhk issued a loud roar followed by a warning to release the younglings. The pirates laughed at the warning, and K’Kruhk began picking them off with a bow and large arrows, until Lumbra extinguished the camp’s fire. Piru then used the Force from a closer vantage point to guide K’Kruhk’s arrows to their targets. Once the pirates had been decimated, K’Kruhk moved in with his lightsaber ignited to dispatch the remainder. Lumbra took Piru hostage and threatened to kill her and the younglings, but K’Kruhk quickly disarmed him, then brutally slashed him to pieces. He later apologized to Piru for giving in to un-Jedi-like behavior, and told her that he was going to drop them off somewhere safe, not wishing for the younglings to have to remember him as they saw him that night. He said he would check in from time to time, but would never stay.

Over time the group thinned out. Some attempted to pursue their Whiphid Master, others decided to attempt to strike back against the clones and those that held their leashes. Most of the group just decided to reluctantly do what would be necessary to survive, they abandoned The Order. It was this decision that helped Tra’vok survive the next two decades. There were of course times when he was unable to overcome his training. The longer The Empire sat in authority the more corrupt the galaxy grew and the more powerful the Empire would become. After hearing of the destruction of Alderman, the former padawan realized his inaction was as dangerous as the Empire, itself.

He would travel around from location to location, seeking out individuals he thought might have an affinity for The Force. This occupationally resulted in an occasional group of thugs, who were preparing to rob one of his potential Jedi, having to be stopped by force. These occasional outbursts might lead Travok into altercations he couldn’t win or instances where he might draw Imperial attention and need help getting off world. Even in these instances, Travok often found himself coming into contact with individuals who had an emerging affinity with The Force. This pursuit eventually led him into contact with another former Jedi, Jens Octhar. Jens had apparently been using his skills and abilities to track down Travok using holonet news reports of various “unexplained suspicious activities”. Upon meeting Jens, Travok now knew he had everything necessary to bring about a resurrection of The Jedi.