Chiss Healer


soak: 3 wounds: 12 Strain:13 Defense 0
Brawn 2, Agility 2 Intellect 3, Cunning 2, Willpower 2, Presence 1
Force rating 2

Cool(Pr) 1
Discipline(will) 1
Medicine(int) 5
Negotiation(Pr) 1
Lore (int) 1
Xenology (int)1
lightsaber (brawn) 1

DL-7h Heavy blaster pistol damage 8 crit 3 range medium Range light
Light saber damage 6 crit 2 range engaged, sunder, breach,stun setting, crimson color

concealing robes
Emergency med pack
Money: 269 credits

Force powers:
Heal/harm: light side heal up to intelligence, dark side heal up to intelligence but gain conflict point and take strain, harm dark side does damage to target equal to intelligence ignores soak and gain conflict point and take strain
range increase to short
range increase to meduim
Control heal increase by med skill so heal would heal for eight, harm increased by med skill so harm does 8 damage ignore soak


Kharis had the unfortunate fate of being born to parents that demanded perfection. she was a average student which was a disappointment to her parents. They sent her off to med school where she did even worse. Kharis feeling like a disappointment to her parents gave up in school. Also she began to notice that she could do thing which were different she was able to heal people but also harmed at lease one person. she knew she had to get off homeworld.