Ashur Sungazer



Ashur Sungazer is an accredited and accomplished human scholar specializing in galactic history. Though he traveled in his youth, now that he is entering middle age he has settled into a new career on Phelar. Even though Ashur grew up under Imperial rule and knows no other life, he found himself drawn to the stories and legends of the Jedi. His natural curiosity drove him to travel across the Outer Rim on research missions several years ago, and the galaxy’s cruelty has not dulled his optimism.

Ashur is unsure whether the Jedi really existed, as he was only a child when the Clone Wars ended. The rational part of his mind believes Imperial propaganda, accepting that those who called themselves Jedi were likely charlatans or simply deluded. However, another, purer part of him wants to believe in the myths of heroic Jedi paladins of virtue and light.

Ashur Sungazer

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