Chronicles of the Gatekeeper - Star Wars - Force and Destiny RPG

The Adventure Begins

Lessons from the Past, Part 1

The session began with the crew of the Rocinante: Mundo Havilar, Cay Sarel, Tra’vok, Dinsid Soks, Brent Everbright, Hald, Elistazia Arenova, and Kharis being assembled. Their mentor Jens Octhar introduced to two new recruits Caelen Rivers and Amani.

The group was tasked with traveling to Phelar University on the planet Eriadu to meet with one of Jens old contacts and friends Ashur Sungazer.

Ashur was very excited about a discovery in the Phelar University Archives. A box containing several very old artifacts. The group traveled to Eriadu after obtaining false credentials showing they were scholars and research assistants. After arriving on planet and scouting the University for several minutes they prevented one of the University Professors from being roughed up by the campus security.

At the Archive they were stopped by Eren Garai, the University Proctor and given an quick tutorial on the Archives rules and methods.

Upon meeting Ashur they discovered the reason for his excitement. The box contained four artifacts as well as several data files. The first item was an ancient Mandalorian Helmet that they determined had been cloven in half with a lightsaber. The second item was an old transponder for a ship called the Astral Jester. Further investigation turned up that the previous captain had disappeared some time ago after logging several hyperspace routes through the deep core. The third item was an ancient droid control core, which turned out to have come from a Basilisk war droid. These huge droids were used by the Mandalorians during the Mandalorian wars over one thousand years ago. The fourth item was the Ilum Talisman. A simple piece of jewelry worn by and ancient Jedi Master who fought in the Mandalorian Wars. The datafiles were various reports about the artifacts detailing how they were confiscated from a Smuggler and brought to the Phelar Archives for study.

Researching the items in the box as well as the name Val Isa led the group to a repeating reference to a system named Koler, rumored to be a red super-giant somewhere in the deep core. Amani tried on the talisman and received a Force vision of Val Isa’s last stand.

The group decided to remove the talisman, transponder, and the droid core from the archive. They split into three groups.

Group one: Mundo and Cay headed to the ship immediately and began prepping for take off.

Group two: Amani, Caelen, and Tra’vok smuggled the talisman out of the building. They also escorted professor Sungazer out off the Archive and towards his office and apartment to gather traveling supplies.

Group three: Brent, Soks, Elistazia, Hald, and Kharis attempted to smuggle out the transponder and the droid core.

The third group was almost clear when Archive security noticed something large in one of the groups backpacks. They bluffed their way out of the building, but were unaware that their activities had drawn the attention of someone higher up that the lowly security guards.

Mundo and Cay were in the process of preparing for takeoff when several squads of stormtroopers arrived at the spaceport. As the second group arrived they noticed that the troopers were locking down the docking berths. The second group boarded hastily and the Rocinante took off. They were able to pick up group three near the cities outskirts.

Following the research they had done lead them to the Koler system where they found the wreck of the Sanctuary.

This ancient Hammerhead cruiser, like the ones used by the Republic during the Mandalorian Wars, was used by Val Isa as a mobile training facility.

After maneuvering through an asteroid field and the debris field of other crashed starships the crew docked with the Sanctuary and began exploring it. Cay and Elistazia remained on the Rocinante with Ashur while the others entered the ship to explore. They found some old datapads in the crew quarters. Kharis and Brent went to see if the medbay was serviceable while the others ventured further into the ship.

Mundo, Hald, and Soks stopped to explore a repairbay and storage area while Tra’vok, Amani, and Caelen followed the corridors to the training room on the ship.

As the three in the training room worked to open an ancient stone safe, the three in the repairbay were ambushed by a Damaged Basilik war droid that was left from the final assault on the ship. Kharis and Brent arrived in the repairbay shortly after seeing the medbay had been vented into space after a hull breach and hearing the sounds of combat and the call of their friends over the comlink for reinforcements.

The battle was intense and several of the crew were severely wounded before the Basilik was defeated. Once things calmed down Kharis was able to administer medical attention to the wounded and the search of the ship was begun anew.

The three in the training room were able to open the stone safe and retrieve a holocron left within.

As the search party began to reunite to perform a safer search of the ship Cay called them over the comlink to explain that another ship had just entered the system…



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