Chronicles of the Gatekeeper - Star Wars - Force and Destiny RPG

Journal of Elistazia Arenova, First Princess of Valis, Part 3

The trip to Phemis was…rewarding…I guess. That is to say if you like lightsabers. The Empire allows little traffic on the world due to the Kyber crystals. Is the concept of the Jedi returning truly so worrying for the Emperor? Well it is to me thinking that more than half of our group now hace sabers. I will make note to persuaide Mundo to tell the rest of our new wanna be Jedi to keep all saber practice off the ship.

Caelen has proven himself indispensable at getting us into places. On Phelar, he forged I.D.s to pass us off as scholars and students and again he managed a document that gave us all permission to survey Phemis for rare minerals. And with Amani putting up some capital (which I will pay some part back eventually) we looked the part of surveyors too.

I wish the trip to our landing area to th nearest source of Kyber shards had been uneventful. But with Mundo and Hald as our guides we managed to bypass the worse of the Probe Droid patrols and a rather large creature that could have crushed the lot of us under its horns. One Probe Droid did manage to spot us but it was dispatched early enough, but none of us can say if it got a message off to the Imperial garrison.

Once we reached the nearest caves with a promising source of crystals, the real challenge began. Crystal web and spider infested chambers, noxious gasses, cave-ins, and water field passages were merely the start of what we had to endure. The strangest part of this trip was after we had cleared one nasty cave full of large, hungry spiders. I can’t explain it, and I am sure Mundo and Brent must have thought us insane, but I think we had some kind of vision. The Force is a strange thing I only started to learn aout, but we each had a vision that was disturbing and troublesome. I am not sure what the others saw, some may have seen crystals, and Hald went mad and started firing at nothing. Me? I felt the walls closing in, the ceilings cracking, like another cave-in was immanent. I felt…fear. Ever sense being buried under my own…family, I loath the thought of being buried alive again under anything.

I actually thought Hald’s mad firing was the cause of the cracks. I tried to grab his gun, make him stop shooting. But he threatened to shoot me! He said the spiders were chasing him or some such nonsense, but there was nothing there! Oh but there were those cracks, and each time his bullets hit the walls the cracks grew! I tried to persuade him, but he would not listen. I tried to order him to stop but he is an arrogant oath! I tried to stop him…then Mundo stopped me. I felt one of his bolas wrap about my leg, and it broke me out of what ever was happening to me. The cracks were gone, never there in the first place.

Caelen and Vas went chasing after Amani, who was chasing after who knows what, causing them all to be cut off from us by another cave in. A real one.

We all finally met up in a large chamber filled with Kyber shards not to soon after.

That place was…magical. That is how I can only describe it. It had an affect on me. I had wanted to collect Kyber shards in order to see if we can use them to boaster our credits if sold on the black market. But I could not bare to take but one. One large sole crystal large enough to fix Val Isa’s holocron.

Then the other took crystals as well. Hald took one. Vas took one. Dinsid took two…surprisingly. Then even more surprisingly as Kharis taking one. Then Caelen. And oddly Amani, although I guess I can put that down to her childlike nature or wanting shiny objects.

Hald and Vas I was sure would want the crystals, but why the rest!? Did they actually want to be Jedi? Dinisid doesn’t match such an ideal, he is to much of a droid buff. Was the saber going to be his own personal high-powered cutting torch? Kharis was a healer…one with a disturbing look about her when she sees an Imperial. What could she use a lightsaber for? Caelen…ok perhaps, but Amani surely not. If Brent and Mundo took one I did not see, it would be nothing to them but a nick-nack.

So…we got what we came for and now we had to leave. That would be easier said then done. We decide to take another route out of the cave . No sooner did we enter another chamber than we were set upon by two squads of Stormtroopers. A cramp fight, bu quickly dispatched with only one casualty being Vas getting knocked unconscious. After the fight Hald decided to scout the next chamber, only to have a cave-in cut him off this time.

So another alternate route, this one an underwater passage we had to swim through. The group minus Amani, Caelen and Vas had to navigate such a passage before we found the crystal chamber, so I was already well damp from my last swim. But Vas and Amani, those two, were putting up such a fuss about having to get wet! Vas had a breath mask on, not like she would drown easly, and Amani…well lets just say I decided to take some advice my father told me once. “My daughter,” he said,” if you cant lead by example, make an example out of those you lead.” So what did I do? I pushed Amani into the water!

There she was dipping her toe into the water, complaining, and I came up behind and pushed. So she was wet now, guess nothing to do but swim. Of course she decided to get her revenge on the other side of the sunken passage, when I tried climbing out she pushed me back in. I expected that as much, so I got the upper hand. I grabbed her leg, and pulled her back into the water. Ha!

Then another crystal web chamber, a fight with spiders. Managed to catch up with Hald who almost lost his life at the hands of one of those spiders, but quick blaster bolts and Kharis braving sharp webs and spiders got him out of that cave alive. Finally at the end we emerged back in open air, time to get back to the ship. Mundo deciding to go on ahead to prep the ship while the rest of shuffled along at a slower pace.

Looks like our bad luck for going solo was still in effect.

We reached the ship, but it was far from prepped to go. In fact Mundo was surrounded by more Stormtroopers, their leader was a trooper with a cyber arm and sword. He saw us coming and seemed to take a vicious look on his face. Called us Jedi he did…think I took offense. So for the second time that day we were in another firefight with Stormtroopers, but not in such close quarters as the caves.

They ordered us to surrender, shooting Mundo for some added persuasion.

They missed! All the Stormtroopers had Mundo on his knees, hands behind his head and they all missed! And they could not tell cause Mundo had the good sense to play dead.

My compliments to Brent. Still he never says much but he is a damn fine shot. He used his range to snipe our enemies while the rest of us flanked in closer. The “Ironarm” trooper let his men fight or him while he toke cover behind a boulder. He used that arm to lob grenades at us from a distance that would make a sports droid envious. I was caught in a blast myself but luckily not a direct hit.

It was a probably the toughest fight we had yet. But as the last trooper fell and the Iron armed leader ran off, we had little time to rejoice. In the distance was heard the sound of ships heading our way. It was time to leave.

We managed to elude other starships and jumped out of the system with no problems.

Once we were safely away, all of us spent a few days to ourselves. I spent one day placing my Kybaer shard into the broken holocron. It was easier than I thought. And the rest of the group, other than Mundo and Brent, spent their times making Lightsaber. I laugh at the thought, those wanna be Jedi in their rooms cursing themselves for days as they try to construct their accursed laser blades while I enjoy my time elsewhere. And it was a time well spent.



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