Chronicles of the Gatekeeper - Star Wars - Force and Destiny RPG

Journal of Elistazia Arenova, First Princess of Valis, Part 2

No sooner had we left Koler than Jens contacted us with our next mission. Another one of his contacts was in trouble, and the crew of the Rocinante was elected to be the calvary.

Our ship arrived in the middle of nowhere. The ship, an old freighter named the Silver Star was dead in space with a smaller arrow shaped vessel latched into its side. The Star looked like it had been in a fight, and being in the middle of space I doubt the Star or the arrow ship did not scan or see us coming.

And so we started things with opened communications. I took to the comm and asked the Silver Star if they needed assistance. Who ever came on for the other ship was a gruff character, and not very good at lying. The man said he was part of the arrow ship who had arrived to assist the Star and needed no other help. I asked to speak to the captain of the Star to confirm this. Now the captain, she was a good at spinning a lie. I was almost convinced that the previous speaker was just a concerned passerby if not for said speaker’s failure at persuasion.

In any case we needed to find Jens’s contact who was suppose to be on the Silver Star, so we docked.

Turns out the lying man was part of a gang of mercenary who had assaulted the Star and met him at the airlock. He was holding the freighter’s captain at gun point. A few word were exchanged, with Hald doing most of the crewed banter, but it was clear that if we did not leave, the merc would kill the captain. The standoff was broken by a familiar sound further into the Silver Star’s interior. The sound of a lightsaber snapping on and men screaming. There was a brief firefight (that poor captain was shot but she survived thankfully), with most of the mercenaries, minus two (one killed, one captured), escaped and took off in that arrow ship of theirs.

That is where we met our soon to be new crew member, Vas Roon, a Kel’dor woman who had been the wielder of the lightsaber we had heard just before the fight. She was contact we were looking for and she was delivering a Holocron to Jens. Jens told us that Holocrons were recording devices for teaching new Jedi, but in can interact with the people viewing it, like some kind of combination of a copied personalty of the programmer and a droid like AI that it allows it to answer questions and take input. Each Holocron has a gatekeeper that appears when the device is activated. I am not sure of what the importance of a gatekeeper is but I was soon to find out.

Now as I said before, most of the Rocinante’s crew did not know that we had found more than hilts and parts on the Sanctuary, and it was at that point when Amani told us so.

Seems that impertinent little jinx had found another Holocron on the Sanctuary and decided to only tell us now. I should have laid int her then and there, a real tongue lashing. She claimed she had, in the excitement, only remembered that she had found it or some such nonsense.

But I let it drop when the Holocrons were activated and we met each device’s gatekeeper. I now surmised that a gatekeeper is just the recording of the one who created the Holocron, and in a way was the greeter. Vas’s Holocron once belonged to a Clone War era Jedi named Suljo Warde, but the Holocron was incomplete. It was missing some crystal like component which was last left on an Outer Rim world called Arbooine, or so the Suljo gatekeeper said. Now the Sanctuary’s Holocron had belonged to Val Isa, who we all already knew about while researching the location of the Sanctuary back on Phelar. But that Holocron was broken, also needing some kind of crystal to get it working right again.

It was decided, after meeting with Jens, that finding a crystal for the broken Holocron was imperative. Jens knew of the crystal, called a Kyber crystal, and that the Empire keep them well guarded because of the crystal’s other property, being used to power lightsabers. With Jens help and the assistance of the Holocrons, we learned of a source of Kyber shards on the planet called Phemis.

Before we departed for that world, I did have a chance to “speak” with the crewman from Garai’s ship and the captured mercenary from the Silver Star.

Garai’s crewman was just a poor Phelar University employee and thought that the proctor just wanted to explore the Sanctuary. The crewman also believed the combat droids we had faced were for survey purposes. The man was harmless so we dropped him off at the nearest port.

The captured mercenary was not so talkative. He would not tell us the name of his employer or what he was looking for on the Silver Star, but was more interested on finding his fellow compatriots who had left him behind. It was decide to strip him of his weapons and armor and let him go. I am however sending his description and report of the conversation back to Rebel command, in case they wish to keep an eye out for him. I hope this does not come back to bite us.

Now with the ship a little lighter (we even dropped off Asher with the Alliance, he may be of some use there) we set off for Phemis.

My mind was set on fixing the Holocron and I knew that a few others amongst us desired a lightsaber, but was about to be surprised on how the definition of “few” can mean “everyone”.



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