Chronicles of the Gatekeeper - Star Wars - Force and Destiny RPG

Journal of Elistazia Arenova, First Princess of Valis, Part 1

I find myself perplexed at this crew I have agreed to join. No perplex is not the word. The closest I can put it saying it nicely is perturbed. When I first agreed to join the crew of the Rocinante on Jen’s Octhar’s advise, I thought I was joining a splinter cell to further the cause of the Rebellion, but instead I have joined a group of wannabe “Jedi”. No offense to Jens, I know of his past and what he was, but he knows my feelings on allowing that order to rise again, and I shall have no part in it. The Sanctuary should have been enough for the knowledge and the Holocron it held, but now I wished that the Mandalorians had dumped the ship into the heart of that Kolar’s sun.

We had just found the derelict vessel orbiting the red sun of Koler in the deep core. I remained on board to start the reports for Alliance Command. It seems during that time the rest of the group excluding Cay and Ashur Sungazer, the scholar from Phelar, ran into a still active Mandalorian war droid. It is a testament to the warrior race’s engineering that it was working and still quite dangerous after thousands of years alone on the Sanctuary. Just as the crew had patched themselves up after what I heard was quite a fight, another ship entered the system. This ship according to Ashur, belonged to the Eren Garai, the proctor from the University on Phelar.

To prepare for the new ship’s arrival, Cay moved the Rocinante from the forward airlock to the airlock at the rear of the ship were the rest of the crew was located. I think Mundo will never forgive the girl for accidentally scrapping his ship down the side of the Sanctuary, but it caused no serious damage.

The new ship, a Mon Cal freighter by design, attacked the Rocinante with ion cannons before latching onto the side of the Sanctuary and cutting through the hull. I had decide to join the rest of the crew on the Sanctuary at that rime to repel the boarder. On my way to the group, I passed that Twi’lek, Amani, who was returning to the ship, and an exhausted looking Kharis doing the same.

For a proctor, Garai proved himself to be a dangerous man. Through the breach in the crew quarters came four combat droids, with Garai taking cover in the airlock of his own ship. If not for the planning of our engineer Dinsid and a borrowed electro-magnet found in Sanctuary’s science labs, the fight could have been a lot tougher. The magnet damaged the droids enough that it allowed Brent, Caelen, Mundo, and Hald to dispatch them quickly. For my part I used the Force to muddle Garai’s mind and make him rethink his attack. He tried one more push to take the Sanctuary, by shoving one of his ship’s crew members into the fray. The poor crewman was not cut out for a firefight and thankfully whoever on our side shot him was merciful enough to use the stun setting.

With his droids and man down, Garai shut the airlock and detached his ship from the Sanctuary. I thought I heard cannon fire from the Rocinante as our side grabbed the stunned crewman and bolted from the room, quickly bringing down the bulkhead before we were all sucked out into space. We managed to get back to our ship, but Holt and the rest of the group refused to help drag the unconscious crewman back to the Rocinante, leaving me that honor.

I shall remember to bring that particular note up when ever see any of them them trying to woo some poor woman at the next canteen. I believe such an act is what Corillian’s call a “Nerf-Block”.

In the end Garai’s ship escaped (although I have sent a report to Rebel Intelligance about the proctor , sees like someone to look into considering),the Sanctuary was left behind, and all we thought we had found from the ancient ship was lightsaber hilts, starship components and old Mandalorian armor pieces that can be sold, recycled, or re-forged.

Dinsid argued all the time we were leaving about how we didn’t get any of those battle droid parts for him, or take the downed Mandalorian war droid with us. I fear the Duro may be one of those droid-philes.

But we were about to find we were wrong. Someone else had found something and decided to keep it a secret.



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